JumpSport Model 200 Fitness Trampoline


The original in-home rebounder for beginners, the JumpSport 200 Fitness Trampoline provides low-impact exercise with excellent video programming. Tailor your video workouts for any fitness goal through barre, dance, circuit, HIIT, PT, and more. The 32.5” jumping surface and 30 elastic cords create a quiet, cushioned bounce. The optional handle bar expands utility, plus adds stability. The JumpSport200 Fitness Trampoline delivers fun, new, and energizing workouts to get you in shape.


All About The JumpSport 200 Fitness Trampoline
Want a rebounder that combines low-impact exercise with durability and storage convenience? Meet the JumpSport 200.

Premium Bounce

Jumping never felt so good. JumpSport Fitness Trampolines deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market. Our EnduroLast Elastic Cords are highly advanced bungee cords, uniquely formulated to stretch 2x resting length, compared to standard bungees that only stretch as little as 1.25x resting length. We use either 55 ft or 66 ft of elastic cord on every trampoline, whereas low-cost, similar-sized competitor trampolines may have only 15 ft of bungee. The extended elasticity, combined with the longer length of our EnduroLast Elastic Cords, reduces the stress on the bungee material so our cords last significantly longer than trampolines with lower quality, shorter bungees.

Convenient & Versatile

Fitness made easy. Designed for home use or professional studios, the trampoline has a durable lightweight design to facilitate a wide range of modalities and for easy storage. Whether you prefer low-impact balance workouts or high-intensity interval training, the versatile JumpSport Fitness Trampoline offers a variety of different workouts that you can benefit from.

Model 200 Specs
Black high gloss 39” frame with a 32.5” Permatron jumping surface.
EnduroLast 2 elastic cords – tested to millions of bounces!
FlexBounce Ready offers the ability to upgrade to the EnduroLast 3 and 7 adjustable tension setting cords.
Virtually silent and wonderfully smooth, cushioned, yet lively bounce.
Over 40% reduction on impact as compared to traditional rebounders.
6 straight screw-on legs for easy storage.
JumpSport Basic DVD included with trampoline.
The JumpSport Model 200 weighs 21 lb. Easy to transport!
Weight rating: 225 lb .

Private Use Warranty:
Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
Mat – 2 years
EnduroLast 2 Elastic Cords – 2 Years
All other components – 1 year


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